Development Management Capabilities




Platinum Vista Inc. is a development management company with partnership interests in

developments based in Toronto, Canada, and across Eastern Europe. The company operates

primarily in Tier 1 markets specializing in full service development management. Capable

of managing a project from start to finish, Platinum Vista is committed to optimizing the

development process and streamlining projects for their clients. Some of our Development

Management Capabilities are included but not limited to the following areas:


Land Assembly


Approval Process






Bidding & Construction


Marketing & Sales


Transition to Operations






Residential: Condominiums | Townhouses | Luxury Real Estate | Hotel-Condos | Resort & Villas |

Subdivision |


Property Management: Single Holdings | Portfolio of assets |


Real Estate Advisory: Condominiums | Residential Buildings | Commercial Developments |

Mixed-use Developments | Industrial Buildings | Land Development |


Commercial: Urban Retail | Office space | Commercial Condos |


Hospitality: Hotel Development | Restaurants |


Recreational Properties: Private/Public Golf Clubs | Ski Resorts |







Financing Partners: BMO | MM Realty Partners | Romspen | Firm Capital |


Joint Venture Partners: Urban Capital | Parallax | Camrost Felcorp | Kadima |


Strategic Partners: Family offices | Institutional Capital | KPMG |

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