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Platinum Vista History


Platinum Vista Inc. is a fusion between two of the great real estate minds of their time. Hunter

Milborne, the dean of condos, and Boris Shteiman, a structural engineer.


The Kadima Group


The Kadima Group was founded in 1980 as a General Contracting/Project Management firm. In

1989, it established itself as the first joint venture between a Canadian Development/Construction

company and the Russian Government. Since then, Kadima has gone on to develop a portfolio

of outstanding projects across both Canada and Europe. Kadima is known for their intelligently

designed boutique mid-rise buildings that contribute to enhancing both the cities urban landscape

and also combining mixed-use residential with well placed retail services at grade. With a wide

portfolio of built product, Kadima has also delivered an exceptional masterplanned subdivision

in Whitby, with additional product to be available in early 2016. Kadima commitment to excellence

extends from their construction practices to their ongoing operations. With a portfolio of office and

retail buildings around the Greater Toronto Area they are in touch with conditions in multiple submarkets.

A reputation for exceptional taste in design and an overriding commitment to quality are

all attributes that manifest themselves in all of Kadima’s projects.


The Milborne Group of Companies


Due to their unique position in the marketplace, The Milborne Group of Companies has had the

opportunity to co-invest alongside key developers and access insider information to determine the

next “hot spot” locations and analyze market trends to capitalize and secure key sites. Hunter’s

trustworthy reputation and credible relationships have allowed Milborne to invest in development

projects on a pari passu basis with the lead developer. These equity positions have earned

excellent returns and added MM Fund (created in partnership with KPMG) to our portfolio in

the Milborne Group of Companies. Milborne is the industry leader in the promotion and sale of

condominium projects in all market conditions throughout Toronto and beyond; facilitating more

than twenty-five billion ($25 Billion) in sales since 1976. Milborne is the most experienced in large

scale urban and resort master-planned mixed-use multi phase communities. Milborne has acted

on behalf of more than 700 developments involving residential condominiums, hotel condominiums,

condominium conversions, hotel conversions to residential, commercial condominiums and luxury

resort properties, selling over 100,000 units. With dedicated repeat clients, both small and large

scale developers, major banks and financial institutions, Milborne is the most experienced project

marketing company in Toronto and unrivaled in experience and reputation across Canada.

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